Captain Zora is a recurring character in Shimmer and Shine.


Captain Zora is an adrenaline-loving pirate genie who is idolized by Shine. She first appears in the two-part special "The Pirate Genie." Zora has good intentions but can be a little absentminded at times. She captains a pirate ship and has a magical pet named Scallywag, who is also her first mate. Shine loves pirate genies, especially Zora, so she gets nervous and usually can't talk around Zora.


Zora has blue/purple eyes and dark purple hair. She wears a purple/blue sleeveless shirt, light blue shoulderpads, a red skirt, two belts around her torso and one around her waist, red/black striped stockings, matching striped gloves, and a dark purple/blue pirate hat with a light blue bow. Her boots have spurs shaped like skulls with bows on top of them.



  • There is a Teenie Genies figure with the name Zora, but her hair color is green instead of purple.
  • Her name may be based on the Zora species of aquatic humanoid people from The Legend of Zelda franchise.


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