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Zeta was originally a genie in training and the only one to fail the training due to Zeta's selfishness and her decision to become an all powerful sorceress instead. However, Princess Samira gives Zeta a Second Chance in honor of Second Chance Day, which Zeta agrees to in the hopes that it will make her more powerful. However Samira prevents Zeta from granting her own wishes and assigns her to be Shimmer and Shine's genie. Zeta decides she will fine a way to trick Shimmer and Shine into making a wish for her, though her plan ends up backfiring due to the way Zeta phrased the wish and the gem she summons is removed by one of Leah's wishes. Afterwards, Zeta tells Samira she quits again as selflessly granting wishes is too hard for her.

Note: In this episode, it reveals that Zeta use to be a genie in training, but she decided to be a evil powerful sorceress.

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