This category contains articles about cousins on Shimmer and Shine. Season 2 of Shimmer and Shine premiered on June 15, 2016. It contains twenty episodes (38 if you count each segment 1 by 1).

List of episodes

  1. Welcome to Zahramay Falls
  2. All Bottled Up / Zoom Zahramay
  3. A Tree-mendous Rescue / Flying Flour
  4. Mermaid Mayhem / Snow Place We'd Rather Be
  5. Starry Night Sleepover / Wild Carpet Chase
  6. Lost and Found / Freeze-amay Falls
  7. Bling, Bling / Staffinated
  8. Dragon Pox / Lightning in a Bottle
  9. Size of the Beholder / Zoomicorn Toss
  10. Double Trouble / Zany Ziffilon
  11. Volcano Drain-o/Cleanie Genies
  12. Now You See Her / Untamed Talent
  13. The Crystal Queen/The Glob
  14. Pet Bedroom/Boom Zahra-Mom
  15. Frosty Fun/Zeta in Training
  16. Masquerade Charade/The Silent Treatment
  17. Potion Control/Feel Better
  18. The Pirate Genie
  19. Trick or Treasure/Easy as Pie
  20. Bungle in the Jungle/The Mysterious Tower

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  • Beginning in season 2, the series takes place entirely in Zahramay Falls (and Rainbow Zahramay (location) in season 3), and using CGI animations.
  • Zac finally learns the truth about Leah's secret genies, who in turn gets a genie name Kaz.
  • Season 2 teaches lessons like "friendship" and "teamwork" and "believing in your self"