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As part of her latest scheme, Zeta and Nazboo go in search of a Zahramay Fox in order to create a camouflage potion that will allow her and Nazboo to sneak into Shimmer and Shine's palace, allowing Zeta to steal their Genie Gems. However Leah and her genies just happen to picnic in the area where Zeta and Nazboo are searching. While Shimmer and Shine are busy with their pets, Leah wonders off by herself and encounters a cute little fox, which she befriends and names Parisa. While Leah is playing hide-and-seek with Parisa, Zeta and Nazboo find the fox which is revealed to be the fox they have been searching for. With a dab from Parisa's paw, Zeta completes her potion which she uses to turn herself and Nazboo invisible. Zeta and Nazboo then steal Shimmer and Shine's carpet and fly to the genies' palace, unaware that Parisa was following them using her natural camouflage ability. Noticing their carpet seemingly flying away on its own, Leah and her genies give chase following it back to the palace. After reuniting with Parisa and discovering the invisible Nazboo, the fox works with Leah and her genies in foiling Zeta's plan. Having bonded with Leah, Parisa refuses to return to the wild and as a result Leah gains a magical pet of her own.

Note: This episode features the debut of Leah's pet Zahramay Fox, Parisa.

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