While in Rainbow Zahramay the girls find a Kaliope Crystal which are crystals used to create Genie Gems. The twins suggest to Leah that they take it to Princess Ula, the Ruler of Rainbow Zahramay who is responsible for making Genie Gems. They travel to Ula's Palace. They encounter a mermaid who they discover is actually Ula in the form of a Mermaid. After showing her the Kalliope Crystal, Ula shows them her workshop where she makes Genie Gems. She demonstrates how a Kaliope Crystal is turned into a Genie Gem, by using one over her Kaliope Crystals breaking it apart to create a blank gem and then imbue it with the power of Music to create a Music Gem. She then offers to let the girls create their own gem using the crystal they found. Leah wants to create a Flight Gem, while Shine wants to create a Speedy Gem, and Shimmer wants to create a gem that makes things bright and shiny. Ula however explains that they can only add on magic power to the gem. Though the girls think they are in agreement they end up imbuing different powers into the gem which results in an unstable Chaos Gem, which randomly produces the magic it is imbued with causing havoc. However Ula explains she can turn it back into a blank gem, though they need to put it on her gem pedestal to remove the magic before it becomes a Chaos Gem permanently. They chase it through the palace, but it goes into the water and the girls reveal that they could get it if they had their Genie Gem, causing Ula to show them her Divina Gem which possesses the power of all the gems Ula created including the Mermaid Gem, allowing them to transform into Mermaids to chase after it. They follow it back to Ula's workshop, where it causes Leah and objects to levitate. Eventually Shine manages to catch the Chaos Gem and Ula uses her staff to remove its magic, turning it back into a blank gem. The girls try again and decide to create a Rainbow Gem which has all the powers they wanted as it allows them to create rainbows to ride on.

Voice cast


  • Come On Go


  • The genie gems were created by Princess Ula.


"My Secret Genies" • "The Sweetest Thing" • "Dino Might!" • "Genie Treehouse" • "What a Pig Mess" • "Ahoy, Genies!" • "Lights! Camera! Genies!" • "Backyard Ballet" • "Abraca-Genie" • "Santa's Little Genies" • "Spaceship Wrecked" • "A Very Genie Halloweenie" • "Sleep-Over Party" • "Game On" • "Gone Bowlin'" • "The Great Skate Mistake" • "Dream Dollhouse" • "Escape Goat" • "Happy Wishaversary"
"Welcome to Zahramay Falls" • "All Bottled Up" • "Zoom Zahramay" • "A Tree-mendous Rescue" • "Flying Flour" • "Mermaid Mayhem" • "Snow Place We'd Rather Be" • "Starry Night Sleepover" • "Wild Carpet Chase" • "Lost and Found" • "Freeze-amay Falls" • "Bling, Bling" • "Staffinated" • "Dragon Pox" • "Lightning in a Bottle" • "Size of the Beholder" • "Zoomicorn Toss" • "Double Trouble" • "Zany Ziffilon"."Volcano Drain-o" • "Cleanie Genies • "Now You See Her" • "Untamed Talent" • "The Crystal Queen" • "The Glob" • "Pet Bedroom" • "Boom Zahra-Mom" • "Frosty Fun" • "Zeta in Training" • "Masquerade Charade" • "The Silent Treatment" • "Potion Control" • "Feel Better" • "The Pirate Genie" • "Trick or Treasure" • "Easy as Pie" • "Bungle in the Jungle" • "The Mysterious Tower"
"Underground Bound" • "Wishy Washy Genie" • "Carpet Troubles" • "Dragon Tales" • "Rainbow Zaharamay" • "Hairdos and Don'ts" • "Flower Power" • "Samira and Zeta" • "The Zeta Touch" • "Genie for a Day" • "The Clueless Detective" • "Abraca-Nope" • "Treehouse Retreat" • "Nazboo's Family Reunion" • "The Darpoppy" • "Hounded" • "The Sorceress' Apprentice" • "The Glitter Genie" • "Grab That Gem!" • "Dance Magic" • "Whatever Floats Your Boat" • "Waterbent" • "Snow Time to Spare" • "Pet Games" • "Zahramay Dreams" • "Careful What You Wish For"

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