Shimmer admits how much she enjoys granting wishes which causes Leah to wish to be a genie for a day so she can grant wishes to make others happy. As a result, Leah temporarily gains the ability to fly and grant wishes, however she asks Shimmer and Shine to let her do things on her own. They give her a genie bottle which Zeta uses a potion to obtain. As a result, Leah finds herself forced to grant Zeta's three wishes, though she tells Parisa she will have to be careful how she grants Zeta's wishes to prevent Zeta from using them to takeover Zahramay Falls


Leah briefly becomes a Genie in this episode and is shown to be quite good at granting wishes as she is able to control how she interprets Zeta's wishes to prevent Zeta from abusing wish magic to make herself stronger, though is perfectly capable of granting wishes correctly if she wanted to. Leah however loses her genie powers after granting Zeta's final wish as Leah herself only wished to be a genie for a day. This episode also shows that a person can become a genie via a wish. Additionally despite attempting to use Leah to make herself more powerful, Zeta is shown to be genuinely touched by Leah's kindness towards her at the end of the episode to the point she decides to share Dragon Cookies with the girls as thanks, a sign that her interactions with the girls are a positive influence on her.

Voice Cast


"My Secret Genies" • "The Sweetest Thing" • "Dino Might!" • "Genie Treehouse" • "What a Pig Mess" • "Ahoy, Genies!" • "Lights! Camera! Genies!" • "Backyard Ballet" • "Abraca-Genie" • "Santa's Little Genies" • "Spaceship Wrecked" • "A Very Genie Halloweenie" • "Sleep-Over Party" • "Game On" • "Gone Bowlin'" • "The Great Skate Mistake" • "Dream Dollhouse" • "Escape Goat" • "Happy Wishaversary"
"Welcome to Zahramay Falls" • "All Bottled Up" • "Zoom Zahramay" • "A Tree-mendous Rescue" • "Flying Flour" • "Mermaid Mayhem" • "Snow Place We'd Rather Be" • "Starry Night Sleepover" • "Wild Carpet Chase" • "Lost and Found" • "Freeze-amay Falls" • "Bling, Bling" • "Staffinated" • "Dragon Pox" • "Lightning in a Bottle" • "Size of the Beholder" • "Zoomicorn Toss" • "Double Trouble" • "Zany Ziffilon"."Volcano Drain-o" • "Cleanie Genies • "Now You See Her" • "Untamed Talent" • "The Crystal Queen" • "The Glob" • "Pet Bedroom" • "Boom Zahra-Mom" • "Frosty Fun" • "Zeta in Training" • "Masquerade Charade" • "The Silent Treatment" • "Potion Control" • "Feel Better" • "The Pirate Genie" • "Trick or Treasure" • "Easy as Pie" • "Bungle in the Jungle" • "The Mysterious Tower"
"Underground Bound" • "Wishy Washy Genie" • "Carpet Troubles" • "Dragon Tales" • "Rainbow Zaharamay" • "Hairdos and Don'ts" • "Flower Power" • "Samira and Zeta" • "The Zeta Touch" • "Genie for a Day" • "The Clueless Detective" • "Abraca-Nope" • "Treehouse Retreat" • "Nazboo's Family Reunion" • "The Darpoppy" • "Hounded" • "The Sorceress' Apprentice" • "The Glitter Genie" • "Grab That Gem!" • "Dance Magic" • "Whatever Floats Your Boat" • "Waterbent" • "Snow Time to Spare" • "Pet Games" • "Zahramay Dreams" • "Careful What You Wish For"

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