Ayla is a genie who runs a hair salon at the Azar Bazaar in Rainbow Zahramay who appears in "Hairdos and Don'ts".

She has cyan colored hair with purple/white highlights.

Her hair is styled in a long braid. At the right top side of her hair, she has a gold/bronze crown shaped hair clip with a dark blue gem, two purple gems on each side, and a pink gem in the middle. Also her magic hair clip has the power to change any genie's hairstyle. She wears a turquoise outfit with a purple vest, with hot pink trim. Her vest also has a pretty white swirly design. She has medium tan brown skin, and sea green colored eyes. Her lips are a pink/purple color. In the middle she has a neon purple ribbon on her dress. On the bottom of her outfit, she has an apron that almost matches her vest. She also has golden bracelets with hot pink gems. and hot pink raindrop shaped earrings.

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